57 Women's Fall Shirts [all under $20]

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As I sit here writing this post at 1:46am, I've come to the conclusion that I may be addicted to online shopping. There's just something so satisfying about forgetting that you ordered something only for it to suddenly show up on your doorstep.

57 Cute Inexpensive fall Women's Tops Under $20 - Cute Fall Mom Fashion -- The Overwhelmed Mommy

Who am I kidding...

I check that status of my tracking numbers at least 7 times a day and basically stand at the front window stalking the mailman. But still, tearing open that package and quickly doing a fashion show for Ava and Baxter is just so satisfying. Am i right or am I right?

As I sit here at 1:46am compiling all 57 of these cute women's fall tops, I finally forced myself to stop, actually write the text of this post, and hurry up and go to bed. Luckily I love all of you because this is one freakin' bomb.com holiday wish list. And I've done all of the work for you!

Now let's get to the good part:

57 women's fall tops all under $20

And get this, most of them are in the $10 range and lots are even as inexpensive as $6. SIX DOLLARS. I know, I found the steals and I want them all (per usual). I'm just going to live vicariously through all of you and your shopping sprees which are about to take place because I definitely don't have space for all 57 of them.

If you see anything you just have to have, all you have to do is click on the photo and it'll link right to the online store that sells it!

Now get to shopping!



P.S. If you're like me and do all of your Christmas shopping in October then here's your perfect opportunity. You're very welcome :)

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