Week 9 // Belly Pics

I am at week 9 of my pregnancy and so begins the belly pics!

The baby this week is the size of a green olive and is about 0.09 inches long and 0.07 ounces.

The morning sickness has been slowly subsiding (thank goodness!) and I only feel nauseous a couple of times per day now (rather than almost the entire day). But the good news is that I never once threw up! Woohoo! All nausea should be gone in the next couple of weeks, just in time for our Babymoon in the Bahamas!

I haven't really had any strong cravings (outside of the usual ones...chocolate and ice cream of course) and am excited to see our little one again next week!

Stay tuned for week 10 :)

9 week pregnancy belly pics
9 week pregnancy belly pics
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