The morning sickness has come!

On Friday July 24th, I had my last wedding of the summer. I was stoked for an amazing event, began getting ready and then it hit me.

I felt SICK.

All kinds of emotions ran through my head, the first being very very VERY excited! I never would've thought that feeling sick to my stomach would make me so happy, but it sure did! And now we are almost at a week later, and I am dreading that awful wish I placed upon myself.

While there are some down times - where I try to get as much household cleaning, laundry, errands, etc done while I am feeling great - it is pretty much a constant nauseous feeling, day and night. I really wish "morning" sickness actually meant "morning" sickness right about now, but at least I can smile and know that the little baby inside of me is doing alright :)

No matter how sick I feel, I just have to keep my eye on the prize and it is totally all worth it!

Anyone else get excited when they first experienced morning sickness?

Jenn HallakComment