The day I became a Mommy...sort of.

Yesterday was the big day – the day I became a mommy…well sort of.

Frank came home for lunch as he always does and asked (as he had been asking for a couple weeks), “When is your period supposed to come?”

“This week,” I replied. And went on to tell him that I would take a pregnancy test at the end of the week because it was just too early to test.

I had to run some errands so went to Target, grabbed myself some pregnancy tests for the end of the week and headed home.

I put my purchases away and then took a pregnancy test out just for fun. Might as well test just in case – it does say that potentially it can detect 6 days early. It was the middle of the day, I had had a lot of water to drink so there was no way it was going to be a positive result.

I peed on the stick, laid it flat on the counter, and washed my hands. There really wasn’t any thought at all in my mind that I would be getting my positive result – no butterflies, nothing.

I dried off my hands, walked back to the counter and saw one solid pink line and one very faint pink line.

positive pregnancy test

Was I seeing things? Did I read the box correctly that even a faint line is a positive result or was I dreaming?? So many thoughts went through my mind as I quickly picked up the box and scrambled to find where I had read about the faint line result.

But as time passed, the line got darker and darker and darker.

positive pregnancy test

I was pregnant!

It was really a surreal moment – and I still cannot believe it happened.

But for over a year, I knew EXACTLY how I wanted to tell my husband when the time came (I know, sounds crazy right?)

He had two rules for me: 1) I wasn’t allowed to tell him while he was at work or all he would want to do is leave for the day and 2) I had to tell him the same day I found out.

Thank goodness it was already 4pm and he is usually home by 5:09pm. I’m not sure I couldn’t lasted much longer! I texted him asking him if he wanted Chinese for dinner, convinced him to get take out, then headed to grab a bottle of celebratory…Martinelli’s cider. No more alcohol for me!

He got home and I had the table set and was ready to roll.

how to tell your husband you're pregnant

We started with egg drop soup and it just wasn’t as delicious as usual so we moved onto the appetizer. We moved onto our appetizer lettuce wraps and I only had one small serving – I told him I wanted to save room for the entrees but I just couldn’t get myself to eat!

We got to the entrée and I only had a couple of bites. LONGEST. DINNER. EVER. Even though in reality, it was the shortest dinner ever.

I told Frank I wanted to do dessert after the gym but to cover our sweet tooth, we should eat the fortune cookies.

I placed them on a small plate, brought them to the table, and he immediately grabbed one. And that was it – the moment I had been waiting for (for a whole hour and 10 minutes).

“You will be a daddy in 9 months. Love, Your Baby Mama”

how to tell your husband you're pregnant

I squealed with excitement and he grabbed me tight and we just couldn’t get go of each other.

Now what??

We headed to Barnes & Noble, bought $150 worth of baby books and headed home to browse through them all. Judging by the fact that both he and I slept through all of his alarms this morning and he got to work hours late, I think you may be able to tell that we had a hard time sleeping last night :)

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