My New Favorite Apps

Nothing has changed – still slowly counting down the days when we can tell everyone the news, eating to perfection, working out….and still no compromises on baby names! Haha

In order to keep myself busy, I’ve been browsing the internet a lot. And in the process (and with Facebook’s algorithm and “Big brother” like ads who know what I am doing at all times), have come across two of the most useful pregnancy apps:


The Bump

This is probably the first app that everyone downloads, because we’ve all heard of it. It takes you week by week through your pregnancy, tells you how big your baby is that week, that organs are forming, and even summarizes it in a short video if you like that better! It also has a couple of “to-do’s” for you each week so you stay on track with what you should be doing!

What I love about this is that there isn’t an information overload. It’s simple, to the point, and really all I want to know.



I discovered this one last night and am OBSESSED. While it does everything that The Bump does, it goes into far more detail and that is just information overload for me. With multiple baby books and these apps, I like how The Bump keeps it very short and sweet.

But what I do love about OviaPregnancy is their “what not to eat” glossary. You type in any type of food (really, there weren’t do many things it didn’t have in there), and it tells you whether you can or cannot eat that specific food.

-          If you CAN eat it, it tells you what nutrients it is providing you and your baby, and if there is a maximum amount you can eat it weekly.

-          And if you CANNOT eat it, it also tells you why!

I am sure there is far more to this app that I have explored yet since I only downloaded it last night, but if not for anything else, the “what not to eat” gloassary is perfection! Now I no longer have to have a notepad on my phone, with a continual list of those foods I cannot eat…this is far easier!

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