Week 20 // Belly Pics

This week was very eventful and I loved it! My belly is finally to the point where people can feel comfortable asking, "When are you due?" without being nervous about it (while that hasn't happened yet). Ava has been kicking (and punching) like crazy every day and my husband got to feel those little kicks for the first time. AND we got to see what our little girl looks like in a 4D ultrasound! Although she looks like a little alien right now (or a play dough baby, as my husband would describe it), it's amazing to see that adorable little face and crazy to think that in 4 short months, we will be holding her in our arms!

Here are my pregnant belly pics from this week, and a photo of Ava so you can all "meet" her for the first time too!

week 20 pregnant belly pics
week 20 pregnant belly pics
4D ultrasound at 20 weeks
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