42 Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is just 11 days away, people. You heard that right...

11 days!

So if you're anything like me and order literally everything online, then you better get to it. Well, either way -- in store or online -- you better get to it 'cause you're running out of time.

This year instead of a physical gift, we're taking Frank skydiving as his Father's Day gift. We went skydiving together before marriage and kids but he's been dying to go again so we're headed up to Santa Barbara this weekend for a fun early Father's Day gift.  Ava made him a little something too so we can give him a gift on actual Father's Day but I can't say what it is just in case he's reading this ;) (I'll show you all on Father's Day...it's sooo cute!)

If you're opting for a physical gift instead of an experience, then I put together a list of unique Father's Day gift ideas for you to take a little browse through. And don't worry, most of them are inexpensive Father's Day gift ideas (most under $30 and some as low as $5) because I personally don't believe we need to spend a fortune to show daddy how much we love and appreciate him. In fact, I don't believe you have to spend anything to show him that but I love giving gifts so that's something I'll always do, even if it's something little.

So here they are, 42 unique Father's Day gifts he will love!

If you see anything you want to take a closer peek at, just click on the image and it will take you right to the shop that sells it!

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