Potty Training Update | Day 5

Potty Training Tips for 2 Year Olds - The Overwhelmed Mommy Blogger

I've posted stories here and there this week about our potty training journey (yes, it's a journey) and I've gotten a lot of questions --

How old is Ava? She turned 2 in March so that makes her 27 months old?
What potty training method are you using? None, totally wingin' it.
How many days does it take to potty train? We're at day 5 but everyone says it takes a while until you're actually comfortable in public.
How's it all going? Better than expected! I'll tell ya all about it below.
What potty training toilet do you use?
I'll link what we're using below...it's so cute! haha

Back when Ava was about 14 months old she started showing a ton of interest in using the big girl potty. And so, with that sign I decided I would give it a try. I put her on our big potty with a potty training seat every half hour and she did fantastic that first day. And then day 2 rolled around and she was suddenly terrified of the potty. She'd scream and cry and kick and it was no use attempting to get her on there. I mean, if I was forced to sit on a toilet every half hour for an entire day I'd probably be terrified of it too, right? And so since she was just so young, I decided to call it off and try it again when she was a little older. I was in no rush.

Ava usually has lots and lots of activities going on - swimming, soccer, gymnastics, mommy + me classes - so as soon as swimming class ended last week and I knew we had a week of freedom, it was time.

And so, the potty training began...

Day 1 was actually pretty great. She only had one accident, pooped in there three times (yes, three. I know, I was shocked too) and it was an overall success if you ask me. But really, she was going in there because she was pretty much sitting on her little potty all day. She was totally obsessed with that thing.

Potty Training Tips for 2 Year Olds - The Overwhelmed Mommy Blogger

Day 2-4 were better than I had expected. We kept no clothes on all day and took her little potty with us from room to room. When she had to go (pee or poop), she actually started going on her own without even telling me!

Day 5 (today) we are in underwear. I continually remind her that it's not a diaper and she can't go potty in it and this morning I had such a proud mama moment. She was playing outside while I was working, she runs in side without a word, pulls her underwear down and goes pee in her potty all by herself! And then she runs to our guest bathroom (with her underwear around her ankles, I must add), asks me to put her Paw Patrol training seat on our potty and she goes #2! It was amazing and I am the proudest mama alive :) But through all of that, we have one big hurdle we need to overcome and I'm not sure how to get there.

Potty Training Tips for 2 Year Olds - The Overwhelmed Mommy Blogger

Here's our challenge:

She won't tell me when she has to go. So that means, if we're in the car and she has to go and doesn't have a potty to run to, I assume she's just going to go without saying a word. And if we're at Disneyland on Sunday and she has to go, she's just gonna go because she has not learned that she needs to actually tell me.

Little Miss Independent, over here.

So there you have it! That's where we are and we're just going to keep on plugging along...and we shall see what happens at Disneyland this weekend. Hello 34 outfit changes!

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