My Christmas Vacation Bucket List

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Today we're making the road trip up to Northern California and while I'm not so stoked for the long drive, I am stoked to be reunited with my three sisters and my dad for an entire week. I'm like totally giddy over here as this is the one time a year we're all together. Oh yeah, and Christmas. I'm pretty freakin' giddy about Christmas too :)

My Christmas Vacation Bucket List -- Things to do in Marin County -- Mommy Blogger - The Overwhelmed Mommy

If you missed my tips for road tripping with a toddler, click the button below to read it. And tonight I'll be able to tell you whether or not it worked for us. Wish us luck?

Every year we make this drive, I'm just excited and along for the ride but this year, I decided to head up there with purpose. I have the gift of spending so much quality time with my family and I'm planning on being purposeful with that time, as it'll come and go far faster than I expect it. So I decided to put together a bucket list for this Christmas week, because if you write something down then it has to happen, right? I'm committed. We're doing this.

Here's my Christmas vacation bucket list:

My Christmas Vacation Bucket List -- Things to do in Marin County -- Mommy Blogger - The Overwhelmed Mommy

1. Take a picture with every family member. I know I take a lot of photos as it is, but I feel like I'm typically behind the camera. So this year, I'm going to make an effort to change that.

2. Have Ava take a picture with every family member. This won't be hard but still, I'm going to make sure it happens.

3. Relax. I still have work to do while we're on vacation but I'm going to make an effort to work as little as possible.

4. Don't sweat the small stuff. Ava is terrible at sleeping while we're out of town so this week, I'm going to throw it out the door and if she sleeps well, she sleeps well. And if not, I'm not going to let it ruin my day.

5. Go on a hike. This is one of my favorite things to do while we're home.

6. River stick races. It's tradition + it's a must.

7. The horse races. Every year growing up we went to the race track and bet on horses every New Years Day. Since we won't be up there that long, I'm hoping we will make it to the race track while we're up there.

8. Walk to Starbucks with my sisters, Baxter and Ava while Frank sleeps in. Because of course, it's tradition.

9. Be a tourist in San Francisco. It doesn't matter what we do but we have to make it to San Francisco for a day trip. It's Frank's favorite!

10. Beer tasting or wine tasting -- either one is fine with me!

11. Make a video. Yep, I'll be vlogging Christmas Day at the very least :)

12. Show Ava the Christmas spirit! I want to be an example to her and show her the magical, jolly spirit of Christmas so she grows up loving it all as much as I do!

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