52 Small Shop Gift Ideas for Mom + Dad (all under $30)

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You know what I find kind of funny? Giving gifts to Mom and Dad. Because basically, it's like we're paying for our own gifts. I guess not basically, 100% we are paying for our own gifts. Whether it's our spouse using our joint bank account to get that gift or our kids using our credit card to make the purchase, the whole idea behind it sounds so silly in theory, don't you think?

And the other thing -- When we need something as parents, we buy it. So when it comes time to put together a Christmas list, it's soooo much harder than I had remembered it being as a kid. I'm always like, "Well I may be able to find something but I don't actually NEED anything."

I don't know about you, but the whole concept it a bit...laughable, I guess, when you really think about it.

While the thought of it definitely doesn't make me not want to gift give (because gift giving is so magical and oh-so fun!), it does make me really think about how much we're spending on each other because really, it's more about the thought than the actual gift itself.

So I've compiled a list of 52 budget-friendly gifts for Mom and Dad, all under $30! And not only that, every gift on this list is sold by a small shop. If you haven't already read my blog post from yesterday, it's all about why I'm making an effort to shop small this holiday season. That small shop purchase literally makes someone do a happy dance on the other end. A happy dance and so much more. So shop small, shop budget-conscious + shop all of the perfect and funny and fun items from this list! (Yep, I do a happy dance too when items I recommend are purchased. Because that means I'm doing something right as a blogger.)

If you see anything you love, just click on the images below and they'll take you right to the shop that sells each item!