I'm raising my kids wild.

Raise them responsible and compassionate and honest and loyal and respectful and humble and kind.

But also raise them wild.

Last year right around this time, I wrote an article titled "Raise them Wild." I was noticing how many parents I saw who were raising their kids with too much care and protection. Of course we want to care for and protect bu so many parents raise their kids not allowing them to get stains or explore or jump in puddles or get their hands dirty and their feet wet. And in my eyes, those kids are being held back from so many experiences the world has to offer.

Raise Kids Wild -- The Overwhelmed Mommy Blogger

Those kids may have a great education and may travel the world and get to experience so many amazing, inspiring and incredible things, but they sure are missing out on the small things -- the little every day experiences that make childhood so inspiring and so incredibly special. It's those little every day moments that we look back on and think, "Wow, childhood was amazing."

It may be harder for us parents to have to scrub out those stains or clean up a little knee scrape or get splinters out or wash the mud off of their jeans, but these are experiences that allow our kids to create their own future, they allow our kids to explore and adventure and become the humans they want to be. So lets let it be harder on us and I truly believe that it'll makes a world of a difference on the happiness our kids feel as they grow up and who our kids become.

So let loose a little bit and...

Raise Them Wild.

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