Lolleez | An Organic Throat Soothing Remedy for Kids

Sponsored with love by Lolleez

You know what totally breaks my heart? When Ava is sick. Like, it shatters my heart into a million pieces when she isn’t feeling well and all I want to do in those moments is trade places with her so she doesn’t have to go through any of it.

Ever since starting preschool, we’ve had our fair share of sickness over here. Luckily it hasn’t spread to all of us but those fevers were popping up every couple of weeks for a while and we just couldn’t get them to leave alone! Needless to say, we’re pretty stoked that we’ve all been happy and healthy for a while now (knock on wood) and the flu season hasn’t gotten to any of us.

But for many of you, your families haven’t been as lucky. Flu season hit, one kid gets it and pretty soon it spreads to the next kid in your family and then dad and then mom and your entire home is a sneezing, coughing, sore throat fest.

It’s the worst.

This week we got to try out Lolleez and I am so impressed by their product — a lollipop designed specifically for kids with sore throats. You get to help with that throbbing throat and cheer them up a little bit at the same time! Now that’s a #momwin if you as me!

Lolleez are organic lollipops used to soothe sore throats. And let me tell you, they’re delicious! I love them, Ava' loves them and you’ll love them! They’ve got strawberry, mango and watermelon and I swear, they taste just like you’re eating fruit! And better yet? They’re mom made and you all know I love supporting mama-owned companies!

Snag some packs to stock up for the Winter and tell me what you think!
I promise, you’ll love them as much as we do!