What's the best dog food for your pup?

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Baxter used to eat great…puppy food, that is. But as soon as we switched him over to adult food, it was like pulling teeth trying to get him to eat. You know, kind of like our two-year old toddler who shall remain un-named (ahem). For years, we tried everything and he just didn’t scarf his food down like a big, healthy pup should.

We tried a variety of foods to find a good fit for him and he finally started eating again — eating the way big pups typically do.

And Baxter has loved Purina ONE® SmartBlend Chicken & Rice Adult Dry Dog Food.

Are you giving you pup the right dog food for them?

Healthiest Dog Food for Boxers -- The Overwhelmed Mommy Blogger

Every ingredient has a purpose in healthy dog foods and Purina ONE® SmartBlend Chicken & Rice Adult Dry Dog Food, formulated with high quality real meat, helping to support strong muscles and a healthy heart. They add no filters or artificial flavors and have a mix of vitamins and minerals designed to bring balanced nutrition, support a healthy immune system and promote a shiny, healthy coat. From eyes to energy to skin and that coat, every single ingredient is carefully combined to make a noticeable difference in your dog’s health. And for the pups out there who enjoy wet food, they come in both dry and wet varieties. Oh yeah, and Purina ONE® has got cat foods too.

Try the 28 Day Challenge

Purina ONE® backs their product and invites you to take the 28-Day Challenge with your pet. Here are the results you can expect to see:

Day 1+: Clean Bowl Club: excitement around mealtime thanks to those crunchy bites mixed with meaty morsels

Day 7+: Energy You Can See: playing longer and happier, the SmartBlend® of nutrition helps supports healthy energy

Day 14+: High Digestibility: promotes high nutrient absorption

Day 21+: Bright eyes, healthy skin + coat: clear and alert eyes, healthy skin and coat, supported by omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals

You could see a difference in 28 days when you make the switch to Purina ONE®. Sign up now to get a $3 off coupon and a personalized food recommendation for your pet.

When Ava was around six months old, we noticed that Baxter just wasn't his usual crazy Boxer self. he wasn't as happy, didn't care to play with us as much and wasn't eating much either. I'm sure part of it was bringing the first baby home but let me tell you, he switched foods and everything changed. He started eating immedaitely, every single meal (which was rare at the time). And now, Baxter is happier (even with a toddler hanging on him all day long), has the most beautiful, shiny coat (just look at my instagram and you'll see), and actually scarfs down his food (yes, he used to be a picky eater, which I didn't even know was a thing in dogs) after just 28 days of Purina ONE®.

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Now what are you waiting for? Head to your local Target to shop Purina ONE® SmartBlend Chicken & Rice Adult Dry Dog Food. I highly doubt I’m speaking for myself but I basically live at Target — convenient shopping because everything on my to-do shopping list is there in one store! You just can’t go wrong. Plus you’ll get a Free printable $5 Target GiftCard™ with a Purina pet food, litter, and/or treats purchase of $25 or more or 5% off + free shipping when you subscribe to Purina ONE® at Target [9/19-10-13]

Healthiest Dog Food for Boxers -- The Overwhelmed Mommy Blogger
Healthiest Dog Food for Boxers -- The Overwhelmed Mommy Blogger