13 Things You Didn't Know Were Damaging Your Hair

I've mentioned my postpartum hair loss before but y'all, I just can't get it under control. All of these hormone changes are killing me - my skin, my hair, it's all just going down the drain.

Best Hair Products for Postpartum Hair Loss -- The Overwhelmed Mommy Blogger

A little back story...

I saw no changes to my hair or skin throughout pregnancy and everything remained just fine and dandy after Ava was born. I've always had healthy her and healthy skin and I never really took care of either, if I'm being honest. I must've just lucked out with great genes in those two department but then four months postpartum rolled around and *BOOM* that all made a turn for the worse.

I woke up one morning and there was hair all over my pillow. Like this happened literally overnight. I got ready, we hopped in the car to go visit some of our friends and more and more hair was just falling out in clumps. I freaked out for a minute and then consulted Dr. Google and it was clear that postpartum hair loss had become my new worst enemy.

How do you prevent postpartum hair loss?
How do you fix postpartum hair loss?

Unfortunately, the best answer I've been able to come up with is this:

You can't.

It's all our hormones and we can't stop them but what we can do is create a healthy hair routine to strengthen and build up the hair to we do still have to prevent breakage on top of hair loss. And that's where my research came into play and I finally had to start taking care of my hair.

Most recently, I stopped breastfeeding and again those hormone changes did something to my hair (unless it was just a weird coincidence) and instead of hair loss, my hair just started to break. Like literally just started breaking in half. I went from my hair dresser being so proud of my healthy hair to her saying, "What the heck happened here?"

So in addition to snagging some PHYTO hair products, a new routine I am starting now to help with all of this damage and breakage and everything else going on here, I did a bit of googling on things that can damage your hair

Here they are -- 13 things that are damaging your hair every day that you probably had no clue were hurting it:

1. Sleeping -- Switch those cotton pillow cases out for silk ones!

2. Sun -- Ever heard of sunscreen for your hair? Yes, it exists!

3. Water -- Yep, those minerals (calcium and magnesium) are damaging your hair! Vinegar rinses or clarifying shampoo will do the trick!

4. Your Purse -- Unless you have short hair, that is. Purses pull and snag those locks so just be careful!

5. Towel Drying -- All of that tugging and friction...use something softer like a t-shirt!

Best Hair Products for Postpartum Hair Loss -- The Overwhelmed Mommy Blogger

6. Brushing Wet Hair

7. Up Do's -- The tighter the do, the more damage that's done! Give your hair and scalp a break every once in a while.

8. Over Washing -- It dries that hair out!

9. Over Brushing -- Nope, it won't make your hair full and voluptuous!

10. Dirty Hair Tools -- Hello grime and dirt build up on those brushes! Just give them a wash :)

11. Sunglasses --  But only when you put them on your head. They snag and pull at those follicles, causing hair damage over time.

12. Unhealthy Eating Habits

13. Dry Shampoo -- We all love it but it's not great for our locks!

Here are some of the new PHYTO products I'm trying out:

-- Phytopolleine | a botanical scalp treatment that is a great pre-shampoo, helping to detoxify and purify...like a facial for your scalp!
-- Phytoelixir Nutrition Mask | used for hydrating and nourishing dry and brittle hair
-- Phytokeratine | an extreme repairing shampoo that helps restore elasticity and strength, renewing hair for softness, suppleness + shine!
-- Phytomillesime | a hair mask for colored or highlighted hair

Click here to take a peek at all of the products PHYTO has to help restore and strengthen your hair. Just click on the "issue" you're having with your hair and their site will tell you the products that are best for you! It's that easy :)