Facebook Live | Positive Parenting

This coming Wednesday, January 23rd at 2:00pm PT I will doing my first ever Facebook live with First5 LA and I could not be more excited, nervous and so honored to be chosen for this interview on “Positive Parenting.” I’ve written blog articles on this in the past not because I’m perfect in this area of my life, but because it’s an area of my life that I truly need to work on and have been working on since Ava made me a mom almost three years ago.

So if you’re free on Wednesday, head on over to the First5 LA Facebook page or The Overwhelmed Mommy Facebook page (it’ll be streaming on both) and show me some love and support!

In the meantime, here are some of the most loved and read blog articles I’ve written on the topic of “Positive Parenting” - “The one word parents need to stop saying” and “The two phrases I think all parents need to use a whole lot more.”

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