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Based on the oh-so-creative title I came up with for this blog post (*sarcasm*), you probably barely wanted to even click on it because it probably seems maybe a bit...


But listen up for just a second before you close that browser because I promise I have a point. I always have a point. And if you don't care about my point and just want to hear fun facts about me, then scroll on down!

I get emails and private messages on Instagram and Facebook all of the time with random questions about blogging, being a mom and just life. And more often than not, I end up chatting back and forth with some other mamas out there who follow my blog. We chat about dogs and babies and mom life and you know, random things like ice cream and jeans. And you know what's so much fun? When I chat with a complete stranger and we find out that we have random things in common -- we both are Boxer lovers or we happen to live 5 minutes from each other (yep, that just happened last week and we've had 2 play dates with our kiddos since!) or really anything at all that we find that we have in common.

I don't know about you but the whole "making friends as an adult" thing is way harder than I remember it being when I was little, so it's nice to find other people out there who I have things in common with, no matter how random it may be.

And that's why I'm writing this random, get-to-know-Jenn blog post. (Yes, I did just speak about myself in the third person.)

16 Fun Facts About Me - The Overwhelmed Mommy - Top Mom Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

I'm decided to write a fun fact list so you know that I am not just a robot behind a screen taking pictures of Ava and Baxter and blogging about mom stuff -- I am a real life, living, breathing, human mama who just happens to have chosen blogging as her career. I am just a regular mom (well, a cool mom if you ask me) living a normal life like the rest of you. I have the same struggles, the same fears and am taking that mama life one step at a time.

I get it -- It's sometimes super hard to make a connection with people on the other end of your Instagram feed, so here's a little bit about me and who knows, maybe we will find some common ground and become bff's for life :) How fun would that be!

P.S. I've always hated the "fun facts about me" ice breaker game (like hated it with a passion) so this wasn't easy BUT I did it and I survived...phew! And if there's anything else you want to know, ask away over on my Instagram!

17 Random Facts About Jenn

1. I love milk. Like the kind of love where I drink at least a gallon a week on my own, I have a glass of milk with every meal and more, and if I wake up thirsty in the middle of the night and need something to quench my thirst, I'll head to the kitchen and pour myself a nice big cold glass of 1% milk. I know, I'm weird. But at least I have strong bones!

2. I have 3 sisters and no brothers. Yep, you should feel bad for my dad. But not really...we're all angels :)

3. My background is in wedding planning. Long story short -- I quit my job and was looking for another job but hate being bored so started blogging about weddings just for fun to fill my time. The blog took off, I realized I could make a career out of blogging and that was the end of my job search. I started The Overwhelmed Bride (@theoverwhelmedbride) in November 2013, got pregnant with Ava and started this blog. And the rest is history!

4. My great-great uncle invented the popsicle. True story. Just Google the last name Epperson and all of those black and white photos of a man and a little girl will pop up. That little girl just so happens to be my Aunt Nancy. So basically I'm a celebrity.

5. My food obsessions include chocolate, peanut butter and cheese. All of the best things in life, right?

6. I'm a jack and coke kinda girl ;)

7. Country music is my jam.

8. Fall is my favorite season....because it's my birthday season, of course.

16 Fun Facts About Me - The Overwhelmed Mommy - Best Mom Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

9. I once got a hanger stuck in my eye. Gross, I know. Just don't ask.

10. I hate being bored. I'd rather be working than be bored. Like really.

11. My husband's first words to me were, "Wanna dance?" ...and we started dating three years later.

12. I grew up in Marin County, California but currently live in Southern California.

13. I went to Loyola Marymount University and was an Alpha Phi! (AOE to all of the A-Phis out there!)

14. I am 27 years old.

15. If I could match Ava every single day of my life, morning and night, I would. 100%. So send all of your favorite mommy and me shops my way!

16. I consider Baxter Bane my first born son. Duh! Can you tell he's totally human in a dog's body?

17. Growing up, I wanted to be a pediatric surgeon. And then I realized I wasn't the biggest fan of school. Oops!

And that's a wrap for today because that was way more fun facts than I thought I could come up with. Head on over to Insta and play the fun fact game because I want to learn about you all too...and hear some crazy random fun facts, of course.

16 Fun Facts About Me - The Overwhelmed Mommy - Best Mom Bloggers to Follow on Instagram
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