F is for Franky

You’ve probably heard his name here and there (as Ava is saying it constantly on Instagram stories) but I never officially announced our baby boy’s name and now that we’re almost there, I am so excited to tell everyone the news we’ve known since the day we found out we were having a baby boy:

Baby Franky, Frank Edward Hallak III

Sounds so regal, right? The third — I totally love the sound of that.

So how did he get his name?

He got it from his daddy (anyone else sing that as you read it?). If you don’t know already (which you probably do), my husband’s name is Frank — Frank Edward Hallak, Jr and his dad’s name is Frank Edward Hallak. I never had the opportunity to meet this amazing man, as he passed away in 2008 before my husband and I were even dating, but from everything I’ve heard and everything I know, from the values he taught my husband and the man he raised my husband to be, I know that he was a great man.

And he and my husband are men that I am so honored to name my first baby boy after.

We will see you soon, baby Franky. And I cannot wait to tell you the story of how you got your name.

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