An Easy (mess-free) Christmas gift kids can make!

Last year was Ava's first Christmas and I really wanted to start a fun tradition where she makes gifts for all of her grandparents, aunts, uncles and great-grandma. So I bought some small blank canvases, some finger paint and I let her paint away! They turned out adorable, oh-so-adorable and I almost had her make them again this year.

But they were messy. And a messy toddler running around with paint is more stress than I wanted to take on.

(If you're family, stop reading this now or it'll spoil the surprise gift she made for you this year.)

So I tried to think of an easy, mess-free Christmas gift for kids to make so that Ava could make something special for everyone again. And I found it. I found such a great idea!

DIY Ornaments

They took us only about 10 minutes to make them all, they were completely mess-free and they turned out so cute. Oh yeah, and they're plastic so no matter how many times your kids drop them in the process, they won't break :)

So here's a quick video tutorial and the links to where you can purchase all of the items we used to make them!