Amazon Prime Day Deals for Babies (over 50% OFF)

This post contains affiliate links.

I'm totally a sucker for a great deal, especially when FREE shipping is involved and fast free shipping at that! I mean, if you're going to buy it anyways then why wouldn't you jump on a 50-80%  deal?? I'm an online shopper for even basic household stuff (Amazon prime member over here!) so combine amazing deals and one day shipping at no extra cost and I'm sold!

I know you all don't have the time to sit there and search through the thousands of Amazon Prime Day deals for babies so yesterday I sat down during Ava's nap today and searched high and low for all of the best baby products that are at least 50% OFF...some even up to 80% off. Of course there are tons of other deals out there but I was only looking for the best of the best -- strollers, car seats (which we totally need right now0 and so much more. Seriously, I'm tempted to buy it all just because of these deals. I think Amazon's advertising may be working it's magic on me!

So there you have it -- Amazon prime day deals for're welcome :)

If you see anything you need (or just want) then click on the images below and ihey'll click right through to the amazon deal! And last but not list, I included a button below to ALL of he Prime Day deals so you can shop for yourself too...and maybe your hubby if he's lucky!

Happy Prime Day everyone :)