9 Inexpensive Ways to Update Your Home

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If you’re anything like me, you probably want to update your home like every 3-4 days. When I go shopping and pass a new gorgeous home decor section I can instantly envision my entire home with a new theme, new decor and of course, a remodel would be nice to go along with it all.

Wishful thinking, huh?

We are currently renting our home so there’s no remodeling going on over here. Maybe that’s why I love pillows so much? Who knows. But all I know is that I love changing up my home -- the look, the feel, the colors, the smell.

9 Inexpensive Ways to Update Your Home - The Overwhelmed Mommy Blogger

So if you’re currently renting like we are (or you don’t have endless amounts of money to just remodel and update every room in your home on a whim), then keep on reading.


9 Inexpensive ways to update your home (without breaking the bank)


1. Fragrance

There’s no better way to set the mood and the feel of your home than with a refreshing fragrance. Buy a couple of your favorites, change it up daily and voila, you basically have a new home every single day. And hopefully, a very welcoming, calming home at that!

Not to mention, they sure do put me in a great mood!

9 Inexpensive Ways to Update Your Home - The Overwhelmed Mommy Blogger

Last weekend we headed to Walmart to pick up some of the new Glade® Atmosphere Collection™ Fine Fragrance Mist products. The Atmosphere Collection™ Fine Home Fragrance by the makers of the Glade® brand is infused with essential oils, and masterfully crafted fragrances. And let me tell you, every single scent is delightful and just wonderful.

9 Inexpensive Ways to Update Your Home - The Overwhelmed Mommy Blogger
  • The No.1 Enraptured™ mist contains elegant notes of Jasmine and rose with hints of pink lady apple, honeysuckle, cedarwood, sheer musk and clove bud.

  • The No.2 Bright™ scent presents a touch of ripe raspberries and orchard fruit notes mingle with jasmine, rose and sweet pea over a pillowy bed of powder musk, sweet tonka bean and sheer blonde woods scents.

  • The No.3 Free™ scent has notes of white pineapple, citrus and beachside florals swirl through layers of coconut, beach woods and vanilla bean scents.

  • The No.4 Tempted™ scent has delicious hints of warm, exotic spices are kissed with freesia and golden amber. Vanilla orchid notes deepen the captivating blend along with scents of fresh eucalyptus, cedarwood, patchouli and brown sugar.

Which Glade® style fits you best?

All of the above is totally an acceptable answer.

Look at how easy it is to spray! Just mist up and side to side for a wonderful continuous mist.

2. Pillows

I know, I know. Pillows aren’t always inexpensive but if you do a little searching, you can find some great deals. Or even pillow cases to cover your current pillows are a great way to go!

New pillows can completely transform the look of any room -- on your couch, in the bedroom, you name it. And who doesn’t love pillows. Well, I know husbands aren’t the biggest fans but if you’re a wife, I’m guessing you’ve got the same pillow addiction as me.

3. Frames

Whether you’ve got a large, gorgeous gallery wall or just a couple of frames with your favorite photos sitting on your nightstand, new frames are such an inexpensive way to update your space. And you don’t even have to get new photos, if you don’t want to.

4. Paint

I know it sounds like a lot of work but we recently re-decorating a small room in our home, our spare bedroom/office, and painting just one wall did wonders! Paint an accent wall with a color that meshes well with your home and decor or brighten up one wall to make the space feel fresh and open. We did ours in just one day and it only cost about $50 for the paint and the brushes, with plenty of paint leftover.

9 Inexpensive Ways to Update Your Home - The Overwhelmed Mommy Blogger

5. Plants

Adding a plant to a room totally brings life into the space. Get it, a live plant? But fake plants work too. There’s just something about bringing greenery into the home that makes me smile and makes a room feel fresh.

6. Rugs

Large rugs can definitely get pricey but believe me, I’ve found plenty of great deals out there. So if you search, you’ll be able to find an inexpensive area rug to transform any space. I mean, it’s far less expensive than getting new hardwood floors so there you have it.

7. Curtains

Have you ever seen the difference curtains can make in any space? Google it. Seriously. It literally transforms any room!


8. Lighting

Whether it’s the fan light on the ceiling (which obviously requires a bit of extra work) or just a side lamp that needs updating or even a bulb that needs brightening, light transforms any space.

9. Reupholstering

Whoever said you needed new chairs or a new couch was definitely wrong. You can DIY reupholster your kitchen table chairs or even the comfy chairs in your living room. And for some of us, it’s actually kind of fun to DIY too so that’s a win-win for everyone!