7 Things no one told me would happen when I stopped breastfeeding.

It's been over a month since I completely stopped nursing Ava and while I do feel free, there are so many things no one ever told me would happen when it was all said and done. Some of these things I just didn't expect but here I am. So I figured I'd pass it all along to you so if you're in the process of weaning your baby (or will be in the future), you know exactly what to expect.

7 Things no one told me would happen when I stopped breastfeeding:

7 Things that happen when you wean/stop breastfeeding -- Mommg Blogger - The Overwhelmed Mommy

1. Weight Gain

So I knew that breastfeeding meant I was burning around 800 calories a day just sitting here on the couch doing absolutely nothing, but it didn't really cross my mind what would happen after that daily calorie burning stopped. Well duh, Jenn. You can't just expect to eat the same amount, not workout AND stop burning 800 freaking calories a day and stay the same weight. Duh!

I gained about 6 pounds a couple months into weaning and another 4 pounds when I stopped breastfeeding completely. So cheers to getting back into the fitness game!

2. Aunt Flo

Okay I knew she was coming, but man, after three years without her, I was kind of getting used to that easy life. But she's back. Bummer, right?

3. Ava still asks for it.

Like I said, it's been over a month since Ava stopped nursing completely and to this day, she still asks for boobie every single morning and sometimes during the day too. Now it isn't like a screaming, pulling my shirt down kind of thing like we experienced with weaning but she nicely asks and it still breaks my heart telling her no. Because secretly...

4. I miss it.

I miss that bonding time, being able to soothe her in an instant, and being able to put her down for naps and for bed time within a matter of minutes. I miss it still and there are some days when I just want to give her that one last feed (I never got my one last feed...at least didn't know it was going to be when it happened) so there are moments when I just want to give in one last time. But what's done is done and I've got to move on.

5. Acne

I have great skin and I am super lucky about that but as soon as I stopped breastfeeding, I started breaking out on my cheeks. It wasn't anything that wasn't manageable, but I still noticed it happening. I guess that's just those hormones trying to get back to their normal selves!

6. The Snuggles

This is one thing I was so worried about when I started weaning but man, my fears have completely diminished because Ava's so incredibly snuggly these days. She will lay her head on me (and she even fell asleep next to me the other day), she will snuggle me in the mornings, snuggle me throughout the day and it just warms my heart so much.

As it turns out, I'm good for more than just my boobs ;)

7. She Grew Up

I don't know if it's just the fact that she's two and that's when there's a huge "growing up" phase or if it's because we weaned but she now goes to bed at night like a big girl (we need to upgrade her to a big girl bed soon!), she's talking like a champ, she's more independent and really, she's just growing up into the most beautiful, perfect, affectionate, polite, outgoing and loving little lady.

And it's just so bitter sweet.

7 Things that happen when you wean/stop breastfeeding -- Mommg Blogger - The Overwhelmed Mommy