5 Ways to Keep Your Pup Happy With A New Baby

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When we brought Ava home from the hospital, Baxter did far better than we expected. If you know anything about the Boxer breed, you know that they’ve got energy, to say the least. And if you’ve ever met Mr. Baxter Bane, you know that he’s the most energetic dog ever. Like ever.

Most people would describe him as… crazy? And I wouldn’t disagree.

He got used to Ava super fast, in no time people could not believe that all of those snuggly pup and baby photos I was posting were the same energetic Baxter they knew but something happened.

Baxter was just so down.

5 Ways to Keep Your Pup Happy With A New Baby

I get it -- He wasn’t the center of attention anymore. Second child syndrome, anyone? Yep, he was a our first born and then we had Ava and he was just so sad all the time. And we did not know what to expect so now that we do, I think we will be able to keep him happy immediately when we shock him with a #2...eventually ;)

So here they are, 5 ways to keep your pup happy with a new baby, Milo’s Kitchen® Homestyle Dog Treats included ;)

5 Ways to Keep Your Pup Happy With A New Baby

1. Treats

Obviously you don’t want to go crazy but giving your dog treats when he’s gentle with the baby, fun random treats to show him he’s loved and he’s a good boy (or girl) and we even leave hidden treats for around the house sometimes when we leave, so he’s excited and happy even when we’re not home.

Milo’s Kitchen® Homestyle Dog Treats are made using real beef, chicken, or duck as their #1 ingredient. They’ve got no artificial flavors and are proudly produced in Spanish Fork, Utah and Siloam Springs, Arkansas with the same quality ingredients you’d want in your own food. They’re snacks that also look like jerky, sausage slices and meatballs. Baxter is a member of our family he deserved to be treated just like the rest of us.

Head to your local Walmart to find these delicious Milo’s Kitchen® Homestyle Dog Treats in chicken and beef!

2. One-On-One Time

When the kids go to bed, make sure you give your dog some one on one time. This is where Baxter thrives and he goes back to the snuggly, super happy pup he used to be. Not that he doesn’t love Ava and snuggle with her too, but it’s just different when he gets his own snuggles and attention from mom and dad, without any kids around.


3. Do things with the entire family.

Don’t always focus on just your kids or just your pup alone, do things together as an entire family so realizes that he is part of that family. We love playing together in the backyard every night daddy comes home from work, we let Ava play fetch and we switch off fetching to him too so it’s a whole family occasion.

5 Ways to Keep Your Pup Happy With A New Baby
5 Ways to Keep Your Pup Happy With A New Baby


4. Keep doing things he loves.

Just like everything else, your life shouldn’t stop when you have kids. Go out to eat and stay out late some nights and have fun just like you did before kids, just with the kids now too! And the same goes for your pup -- If he loves hikes, then go on those hikes. If he loves the beach, then head to the beach and surprise him with a super fun day!


5. Give your kids and pup one-on-one time.

Okay not literally one on one because I would never leave them all alone together, but we let Ava play tug-o-war with Baxter every night now without being involved whatsoever and they both have a blast. Let your kids give him treats and give him commands to ensure your dog knows they’re just like us and they love him just like us, parents, do.

It may be an adjustment for your pup as it was for Baxter but there are so many ways to keep your dog happy when you bring a new baby home. And in no time, they’ll become the best of friends just like Ava and Baxter.

5 Ways to Keep Your Pup Happy With A New Baby