4 Ways to Tie A Baby Head Wrap [VIDEO TUTORIAL]

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4 Ways to Tie A Baby Head Wrap - How to Tie A Baby Head Wrap

You're all excited to get those adorable new baby head wraps in the mail and your happy mail finally arrives. (Woohoo!) You open your package with excitement, ready to throw that big bow on your baby girl and then the worst happens...

It isn't tied.

Of course it isn't tied because every baby's head is a different size. And wouldn't you want the freedom to tie the wrap any way you want and switch up the style of the wrap any time you want? Of course, but that's the last thing that crossed your mind when you clicked "order."

Now you're stuck with a long strand of adorable fabric that you have no clue what to do with.

Luckily, I've come to the rescue!

So here you have it, four ways to tie a baby head wrap and I'll show you how to tie a baby head wrap too.

You're welcome.