27 Mommy and Me Swimsuits

I live for mommy + me clothes, swimsuits included. You already know that. But it honestly took me a while to find mommy + me bathing suits that I actually wanted to wear. There are lots of fun styles and goofy styles out there that are cute every once in a while but for me, I wanted to find mommy-daughter bathing suits that I actually felt good in.

And so, here's the list of all of the mommy and me swimsuit brands I've found (and love), many of which we own personally too!

1. Albion Fit

We love love love our Albion Fit mommy and me bikinis. And you know, it was super hard to find mommy and me swimwear that was actual bikinis! We've got the blue and white striped set and they even have a variety of options in each print -- high waisted swim bottoms, one piece swimsuits for moms and kids and so many styles that are all so flattering! And they've got matching dad and little boy swim trunks too (yes, my hubby has a pair!)  Click here to shop Albion Fit.

Cute Mommy and Me Swimsuits -- Albion Fit

2. Raising Wild

These mommy and me one piece swim suits are so incredibly darling and while they are one piece swimsuits, I actually feel sexy in it! And major plus - they're reversible too! So for the green suits we own, for example, we can wear them as all dark green, all light green, dark green on the top and light green on the bottom, or dark green on the bottom and light green on the top! So four suits in one -- pretty neat, huh? Click here to shop Raising Wild.

Mommy and Me Swimsuits -- The Overwhelmed Mommy Blogger
Cute Mommy and Me Swimsuits -- Raising Wild

3. June Loop

These are super flattering mom swimsuits with so many adorable prints and styles. And you guessed it -- they have matching kids swimsuits too! We haven't gotten ours in the mail yet but I seriously want every single print and style they come out with! Click here to shop June Loop.

4. Kortni Jeane

This is another mommy and me swimsuit brand that is totally on my list of suits to buy. They're next up because I die over every single suit they come out with. And they've got so many styles for every single body type -- super modest mom bathing's suits do but they're so cute and so fun and I just love that about them. Click here to shop Kortni Jeane.

5. SwimZip

Swim Zip was my first ever high waisted swimsuit and let me tell you, I fell in love immediately! The quality is amazing, they are so incredibly flattering and guess what? They even have little boy suits to match mama too! Click here to shop SwimZip.

Cute Mommy and Me Swimsuits -- SwimZip
Cute Mommy and Me Swimsuits -- SwimZip
Mommy and Me Swimsuits -- The Overwhelmed Mommy Blogger

Photos by Briana Lindsey Photography